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Collection: LED Garage Lighting fixtures

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About LED Garage Lighting fixtures

Ramp up the X-factor of your garage by installing LED garage lights and enjoy all the benefits you can get from quality lighting. Quality lighting in your garage is important for multiple reasons like safety and security, illumination, and such. 

But choosing the right LED Garage Lighting fixture is not as easy as it looks. With a multitude of LED Garage lighting options out there, it is easy for anyone to get bogged down by the vast number of choices available. 

There are multiple factors like wattages and color temperatures involved. A wrong decision could mean you paying extra on Indoor Garage Lighting and on your utility bills. This is why we have prepared this LED Garage Lighting guide so that your garage lighting does not burn a hole through your pocket. 

Types of LED Garage Ceiling Lights

Choosing a bright garage ceiling light is a complicated task because there is a number of options available to choose from. These are: 

  • LED Integrated tubes: A Complete lighting fixture in themselves, LED integrated tubes are the solution where a large garage needs to be lit up. Capable of being connected together, these integrated tubes can form a daisy chain of up to 4 tubes connected together end-to-end. 

  • With connecting cables, up to 8 tubes can be connected. Integrated tubes are especially useful when there are turns required in the lighting as these connecting cables offer the flexibility of the integrated tube’s pattern. 

  • LED Tubes: Bright and highly efficient, LED tubes are the answer to old and power-drowning fluorescent tubes. These tubes are highly long-lasting and have an operational life of more than 50,000 hours which means that you can use these tubes for more than a decade even if these tubes are used 24 hours a day. 

  • LED Troffers: LED troffer lights are square or rectangular lighting fixtures. These lights can be a good option for Panel Lights. The only difference is that, while panel lights are good to be surface-mounted in suspended grid ceilings, LED troffer lights are best for modular dropped ceilings.

  • Advantages of LED Indoor Garage Lighting

    • Energy-efficient: These LED garage lighting fixtures are highly energy-efficient and convert 95% of the electricity into light while wasting just 5%, This efficiency results in a savings of up to 75% on your utility bills. Because of this efficiency, a higher watt fluorescent garage lighting can be replaced by a much lower watt LED garage light. 
    • Eco-friendly: This efficiency also makes these lights eco-friendly. When less electricity is demanded from the grid, less is produced. This reduction in the production of fossil-based electricity results in a reduction in the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere thus helping maintain the carbon footprint of the planet. 
    • High CRI: These lights also have a high color rendering index. CRI measures the accuracy with which a light renders colors in comparison to an ideal light source such as daylight. The CRI of LED garage lights is more than 80 which means that these lights are 80% accurate as compared to daylight. 

    Buyer’s guide

    With a lot of lighting options to choose from, it becomes crucial to know how to buy the best lighting option for your garage. Therefore, we have prepared this buying guide to help you navigate through all the garage lighting options presented to you. 

    Brightness: The Brightness of the fixture is perhaps the most important factor to consider while choosing garage lighting. A large spacious garage would naturally need more bright lights than a smaller garage. 

    Lifespan: The lifespan of the fixture also matter a lot as a longer-lasting fixture is always preferred over a shorter-lasting garage lighting fixture. 

    Energy-efficiency: LED lights are the most energy-efficient technology out there, therefore it makes general sense to choose LED garage lighting for your garage. 

    Protection: More often than not, your garage is also your workshop therefore in such an environment you should pick durable garage lights which will last long.