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Collection: LED Integrated Tubes | Linkable LED Shop Lights | Garage Lights

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About LED Integrated Tubes | Linkable LED Shop Lights | Garage Lights

Linkable LED Shop Lights for well-lit indoor spaces

There are days when you’ll feel the need for having some extra lights in an indoor space. Linkable LED Shop Lights are an easy fix for times when you think of illuminating indoor spaces with a flush of bright lights. Of course, these lights will consume less energy in comparison with all kinds of traditional lighting fixtures you must know. 

Where can you use these LED shop light fixtures?

The linkable lights are ideal for use as industrial & commercial LED lighting fixtures. So, you can use these fixtures in most indoor spaces like living rooms and kitchens. You can also use LED tubes as garage lights.     

LED shop lights that come with an IP44 rating are suitable for use in damp indoor locations. Albeit, dust and moisture-tight lighting fixtures like LED tubes are not advisable for use in outdoor areas or wet indoor locations. Damp and dust-prone locations are areas where moisture accumulation because of condensation is possible, but not common. (such as a kitchen) Whereas, Wet locations are places where water can drip, splash, or flow against the electrical equipment. (such as under a shower, or near a sink)

Why should you choose LED linkable lights?

LEDs work on DC, whereas the power outlets in your house provide an AC supply. Thus, you need a driver that can convert the AC current into DC output and allow the LED to light up. At LEDMyplace, we provide LED shop lights that come with inbuilt drivers. The drivers are compatible with dimmer devices that you can use to enhance the usability of your LED lighting product.

You can connect 4-6 LED integrated tubes and meet the lighting needs of an indoor space. Thus, when it comes to linkable LED shop lights, they offer an advantage over the traditional lighting fixtures. 

Apart from the fact that LED shop light fixtures provide better illumination while consuming little energy peruse, they offer the convenience of installation and application. Also, LED lights last longer than any conventional lighting fixtures you may know from the past.

How Do You Install Linkable LED shop lights?

Installing an LED integrated tube (also known as linkable LED light) is easy, as it comes with an inbuilt driver. You can choose between LED retrofits and the ones that need a ballast-bypass. Retrofits installations replace the fluorescent fixtures without having to change the circuit or connections. Whereas, an LED tube that does not need a ballast calls for a ballas-bypass (removal of the ballast).

The dual-ended LED tubes that we provide come with a male and female pin on each end. These will not need a ballast, so you can remove the existing tube light and install them onto the fixture. If you intend to connect more than one LED tube light to meet the commercial lighting needs, connect the male pin to the female pin of the succeeding tube. 

You can daisy-chain (connect in a string) up to 6 LED linkable tubes. However, make sure to check the voltage of your power outlet and the wattage of the tubes you choose beforehand. Do not overload the power outlet. If you want to daisy- chain LED light tubes in an oddly-shaped space (such as, on adjacent walls) use LED tube light connectors.  Also, if possible try limiting the number to linked LED tube lights and use shorter connectors to avoid voltage drop over long-runs.