About Us

Who we are:

LEDMyplace Canada is an online eCommerce platform specialized in LED Lighting products and accessories and ship products across Canada. The company portfolio offers an array of commercial Wall Packs, Industrial High Bays to eccentric designs of Vanity Mirrors, and many more. By selling technologically advanced and aesthetically complementing products for every home, offices, and warehouses, it is creating a mark in the growing LED Industry. 

Founded in 2014, LEDMyplace operates out of a warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky, shipping all across Canada.

Mission Statement: 

To make an energy-efficient community in Canada.

What we wish to achieve:

Continue to cater to our customers with quality products at a reasonable price. We wish to enhance our business by expanding our reach to every house and Industry in Canada, building an energy-efficient community. 

Our Roots

The humble inception of LEDMyplace started in 2014. Initially, what began as a door to door selling of general merchandise soon turned into a multimillion-dollar business.  

Contact Info: 

Our LED Lighting specialists are online 8AM - 8PM EST (Mon-Fri) to help you with any questions at 437-800-1071.

All physical mails can be corresponded to: 

250 Yonge Street, Suite 2201-2025 , Toronto, ON M5B 2L7


2900, Fern Valley Rd, Louisville KY 40213, USA