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Collection: Living Room Light Fixtures

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About Living Room Light Fixtures

What Makes Living Room Lighting So Important? 

Your living room lighting serves as the centerpiece of your house and serves numerous different kinds of functions. The living room is utilized for daily tasks like hobbies, activities, lounging, etc. But most importantly it serves as the place where your friends and family gather. Therefore, the lighting in this place needs to be deco-friendly and upbeat at the same time. 

Living room lamps should be such that they accentuate the parts of your living room which need to be highlighted. It should also be flexible enough to provide for mood lighting when there is a need. Here is what you need to know about the living room lighting.

How to Balance Your Living Room Lighting

If you want to align your lighting planning of your room for all the different tasks and activities you might be doing in those places. To get the best out of your lighting plan you have to take care of three main components of lighting- ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. 

Do you want that same monotony in your room, with the ceiling light you have already been using? Imagine yourself relaxing in the living room, and with the same glary lighting staring down at you. Uncomfortable isn’t it? 

Picture yourself now reading a book under the LED ceiling lighting which is making every nook and cranny of your room in colors never seen before. With the right elements in place, you could make the best out of the lighting, and make your room activities more engaging. 

Ambient Lighting For The Living Room

To make the environment of your home relevant for guest meetings, playing games, ambient lighting or general lighting is important to be in your kitty. Ceiling lights are the best way to render such types of lights because they distribute lights more equally. 

Ambient lighting keeps the mood of the participants fresh and boosts enthusiasm for participation. 

Task Lighting For The Living Room

For the living room activities such as reading, browsing your laptop or watching your favorite movie on television, an ordinary LED bulb won’t work entirely.  The type of lighting that supports the living room tasks is called task lighting, and this lighting comes into play here as well. 

Floor lamps and table lamps are movable, hence this ease of transition makes them a great choice for task lighting. Adding these tables in symmetry can serve both as task lighting while also adding as the decorative element in the room. 

If you are looking for lights that could serve both as task lighting as well s ambient lighting, pendant lights could be used. It is more toward the accent lighting than being toward task lighting. 

Accent Living Room Lighting

Another key component of lighting planning for your living room could be to highlight or display something worth showcasing. It could be a Souvenir, a token of nostalgia, or an antique to suit all your needs. If you are a design enthusiast you could certainly use your creativity with these lights. 

When it comes to accent lighting, wall lights and sconces are the best choices. With wall sconces, one can adjust the appearance of their living room walls to suit the desired design language expected from the rest of the components. LED lights come with many design profiles and energy efficiency is cherry on the cake. There are a lot of lights to choose from, and an LED living room light can highlight the portraits, paintings, or display a bookshelf.