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Collection: UFO LED High Bay Lights | Commercial Area Lights | Warehouse Lights

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About UFO LED High Bay Lights | Commercial Area Lights | Warehouse Lights

We believe good-quality lighting is paramount in a warehouse and  LED warehouse lights are perfect in quality as they provide the best lighting experience inside a warehouse.UFO LED High Bays lighting offers the knowledge that a suitable warehouse needs. 

These lights are named after their shape, which resembles that of a UFO. Significantly advanced over contemporary warehouse lighting solutions, these lights are the best addition to your warehouse. 

UFO LED High Bay Lights have multiple applications in factories, workshops, warehouses, commercial shops, garages, and airports. Because of their high-quality lights and quality of mainly being used as Garage lights. Their versatility makes them very popular in the lighting market. 

There are a lot of factors involved that determine the exact light that you should install in your warehouse. 


High-bay LED Lighting requires attention to detail and meticulous planning. Here are the factors to consider while choosing the right high-bay UFO LED Lights. 

The ceiling height =  If the ceiling height is more than 13 ft, High bay UFO lights are the best option for your warehouse. In such a case, they deliver the best lighting, which will be evenly spread throughout the warehouse. 

The area will determine how many UFO LED high bay lights you need and how much spacing there is.  

Nature of work = The nature of work will also be a factor in determining what warehouse light you should use. For example, in a place where color-sensitive work is carried out, lights with high CRI can be extremely useful. 


Classification Based On Wattage 

Based on wattage, there are four types of UFO High Bay lighting available:-

  • 100-watt, which replaces the 400-watt metal halide
  • 150-watts, which replaces 550-watt conventional lighting
  • 200-watts, which replaces 800-watt metal halide warehouse lighting
  • 240-watt, which replaces 1000-watt metal halide lights

Classification Based On  Color Temperature

Based on the color temperature, there are two types of warehouse lighting fixtures available which are:-

  • 4000 Kelvin: This color temperature gives a bright white light suitable for large spaces.
  • 5700 Kelvin: This color temperature is similar to daylight and is useful where very bright illumination is needed.                                                                                                 



1.What are UFO LED high bay light fixtures?
UFO LED high bay light fixtures are specialized lighting for high-ceiling spaces, such as warehouses, factories, gyms, and large retail stores. They are called "UFO" due to their round, disc-shaped design resembling a flying saucer.

2.Can UFO LED high bay light fixtures be dimmed?
Yes, many UFO LED high bay light fixtures are dimmable. Compatible dimmer switches or lighting control systems can achieve this functionality.

3.Can tall buildings use UFO LED high bay light fixtures with high ceilings?
UFO LED high bay light fixtures are specifically designed for use in areas with high ceilings, including tall buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

4.Can UFO LED high bay light fixtures use chain or hook suspension systems?
Many UFO LED high bay light fixtures have mounting options for chain or hook suspension systems, providing a secure and adjustable installation method.

5.Can UFO LED high bay light fixtures be used for continuous, 24/7 operation?
UFO LED high bay light fixtures are designed for extended operation and can handle continuous use. However, the overall lifespan of the fixtures may be affected by the quality of components and operating conditions.

6.What are high bay lights for?
High bay lights are designed to illuminate spaces with high ceilings, typically over 13 feet, such as warehouses, industrial facilities, gymnasiums, and big retail stores. They provide bright and uniform lighting over large areas.