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Collection: LED Pole Lights | Parking Lot Lights | LED Area Lights

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About LED Pole Lights | Parking Lot Lights | LED Area Lights

LED Pole Lights used as outdoor lighting fixtures, also known as LED Yard LightsLED Parking Lot LightsShoe Box Lights. They are energy-efficient lights that reduce your energy consumption and save up to 75% on utility bills. 

The lights come with an array of features like; motion sensors, photocell technology, and dimmable all adding up to the sustainable ways of energy consumption. They are also used as LED Security Lighting to deter street vandalism. 

Features of LED Pole Lights:

  • Motion Sensor: The Motion Sensor allows the lights to switch on and off as they detect any movement around it. It enables the user to sustainable use of energy and acts as an excellent Security Light. 
  • Dusk to Dawn Lights (Photocell technology): The LED Parking Lot Lights with Photocells, is a technology that we can use to detect or measure lights. It mostly converts light into electrical energy by producing voltage or uses light to regulate the current as in a photoconductive cell. They are commonly known as Dusk to Dawn Lights
  • Dimmable Lights: The dimmable feature in an Outdoor Lighting allows users to switch to different color temperatures and reduce the light’s brightness according to their use. 

Mounting Offered:

  • Yoke Mount: The Yoke Mount allows vertical or horizontal light mounting on a wall or a ceiling space. It can be installed with 180 degrees of pivot available in 10 degrees detented steps. The yoke mount is installed in conjunction with the zero degrees mounting plate. 
  • Universal Mount: The universal mounting option reduces your time by not requiring any re-drilling or cutting any pole tops when allowing for a change in the mounting process. With just two holes inside the poles and only two bolts, you can easily undertake Universal mounting (Slip, Direct, and Adjustable Mount). 
  • Slip Fitter Mount: The Slip Fitter is for round light pole mounting. The Slip Fitter Brackets usually are 2 to ⅜ inches in diameter, and it can be adjusted to a (90-180) degree angle. The slip-fit mount is mostly used for LED Pole Lights. 
  • Direct Mount: A direct mount allows the user to install the lights on wall edges or poles with brackets that directly fit the light fixture without the need for drilling holes or fitting screws. 

Benefits of using Pole Lights: 

  • High Lumen Output: LED Parking Lot Lights have a high Lumen Output ranging from (7000-42000) lumens, making them bright lighting fixtures. LED Lights offer flicker-free Lighting along with instant-on mechanisms. There are no lumen depreciation cases over the period, as we find in the cases of traditional lighting fixtures. 
  • Certified: The Lights are certified by DLC, ETL, UL, and RoHS testing the lights for their lumen efficacy and functionality. The lights are also marked safe for environmental use as they are not manufactured from any hazardous particle. 
  • Long-Lasting: The LED Lights have an operational life of 50,000 working hours, making them durable.
  • IP65 Rated: IP meaning Ingress Protection, the outdoor lighting fixtures come with IP resistance protecting the lights from dust and water.