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Collection: LED Wall Packs Lights

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About LED Wall Packs Lights

Perfect for lighting outdoor places, LED wall packs are the lights you need to illuminate the dark. These wall-pack lights can also create grazing effects. Three options are available for this: up-lighting, down-lighting, and both together often. 

These LED wall-pack lights eat up the dark and ensure no moment of darkness whatsoever. They are so bright that no intrusion by unwanted trespassers will go undetected. 

LED Wall pack lights have a wide range of applications. Due to their quality, they are ideal for commercial and security lighting applications where the light must work for extended periods. They're also suitable for illuminating building perimeters where spill light control is necessary due to their bright light output and adjustable mount design.

They can withstand humid and severe climatic conditions because they are usually made of die-cast aluminum, which is extremely durable. This makes them an excellent option for harsh environments. With their versatility and quality design, these wall packs are a great option for any venue, providing high power and quality lighting daily.

LEDs have always secured your pocket no matter how low your budget is. LEDs will cut down your electricity bills by up to 80%. You don’t have to worry about money for flaunting your exteriors. LEDs have covered all the scenarios for you. We also have a wall pack with a photocell, which will allow the wall pack to function automatically without any human intervention. 


There are four basic types of wall packs:

  • Non-Cut off Wall Pack - also known as Forward Throw Wall Pack
  • Wall Pack with Semi-Cut off
  • LED Wall Pack with Complete Cutoff
  • Rotatable LED Wall Packs


  • Non-Cut off Wall Pack - also known as Forward Throw Wall Pack

Forward-throw wall packs provide bright LED light for an outdoor field. Light travels in almost any direction, mostly guided outwards and downwards. They're the light-throwing wall pack with the most forward throws. These wall-pack lights are the best choice for security, general lighting, path lighting, and parking lot lighting near the building facade.

  • Wall Pack with Semi-Cut off

A semi-cutoff wall pack combines the benefits of a complete flood and a full-cutoff wall pack. It tries to keep the amount of light that trespasses upwards to a minimum while still allowing some forward throw. Since the fixture's architecture avoids upward light emission, it is unsuitable for dark-sky lighting.

  • LED Wall Pack with Complete Cutoff

With these wall packs, just the bottom of the fixture allows light to escape. This architecture ensures the lights are dark-sky compatible, reducing light emission and preventing light trespass. They're not a good choice for security lighting in general, but they're a great choice for lighting the exterior of a building.

  • Rotatable LED wall packs

These are the only rotating wall packs, and thanks to this feature, they provide lights in both upward and downward directions. This two-in-one feature of this light not only saves you from all the worries regarding the direction of lights, but it also makes it easy to install in the midsections of the wall. There are two types of rotatable wall packs: a single bar, which has one single pedal, and a double bar, which has two pedals. 

This is the most popular configuration of all the lights because it allows bidirectional lighting, upper walls for a grazing effect, and a downward direction for additional safety. 

These lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting. 


  • LED Wall Packs have numerous advantages over Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium Wall Packs.
  • LED Wall Pack is a high-intensity, energy-efficient, long-lasting outdoor lighting solution for general and security lighting.

LED Wall Packs with photocell provide a higher quality of light than metal halide and are much superior to High-Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, and HID Wall Packs. Since there are no bulb or ballast substitutes, energy costs are significantly reduced, and so are maintenance costs.


To begin with, you'll save up to 70% on energy costs. They also have a maintenance-free life of up to 100,000 hours, so you will only have to replace them briefly. LED lighting is often lighter and more consistent than conventional lighting, reducing hot spots and glare while uniformly lighting parking lots and perimeters. They're the worst nightmare of criminals. And it's not without excuse.

They are suitable for warehouses, too. Since warehouses are open for 24 hours, it's important to have lighting that won't break down over time. LED Wall Packs remove the need for extra replacement lighting since they last for years. Managers of operations won't have to think about scheduling re-lamping. Staff, on the other hand, continue to be active. Outside, LED wall packs will help staff enhance their night vision by shining clearer light on loading bays and docks. They can also aid security forces in better monitoring incoming traffic by lighting means of identification, such as identification cards and license plates.

LED Wall Packs can also be called  LED Security Lights,  as they provide a sense of security at educational institutions. They evenly illuminate university grounds, which is ideal for late-night research sessions or professors staying late to offer additional one-on-one assistance to students. LED Wall Packs have a CRI of 70+, which enhances comfort by bringing out the true colors of everything underneath them.


1.Where can LED wall packs be used?

Ans. LED wall packs are suitable for various outdoor applications, including:

  • Commercial buildings: Illuminating building exteriors, parking lots, and walkways.
  • Industrial areas: Enhancing visibility and security around warehouses, factories, and loading docks.
  • Public spaces: Lighting up parks, plazas, and outdoor recreational areas.
  • Residential settings: Providing security lighting for homes, driveways, and gardens.
  • Retail and hospitality:

    Illuminating storefronts, entrances, and outdoor seating areas.

2. Are LED wall packs easy to install?

Ans. LED wall packs are designed for straightforward installation. They typically come with mounting brackets or hardware for easy attachment to walls or other vertical surfaces. However, it is recommended that a qualified electrician be hired to ensure proper installation and compliance with local electrical codes.

3. Are LED wall packs weatherproof?
Ans. Yes, LED wall packs are designed to be weatherproof. They are made of durable construction and are built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and high temperatures. Look for fixtures with an IP65 or higher rating, which indicates protection against dust and water.