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Collection: LED Troffer Lights

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About LED Troffer Lights

LED troffer lights are square or rectangular lighting fixtures. These lights can be a good option for Panel Lights. The only difference is that, while panel lights are good to be surface-mounted in suspended grid ceilings, LED troffer lights are best for modular dropped ceilings.

LED troffer lights are mostly picked by educational, hospitality and various other institutions. The advantages these troffer lights provide over fluorescent lights and are thus great as LED troffer retrofit kits. LED troffer fixtures are the next generation of lighting that provides an unmatched advantage over conventional lightings.

These LED Troffers also have the feature of being dimmable. Which means that the lumen output of these lights can be adjusted according to the need. These LED T-bars are also DLC certified which makes these lights eligible for rebates. 


Based on the size we have two types of LED troffer lights

2x2 LED Troffer:- This is a square shape Troffer light suitable for replacing square panels in the ceiling.

2x4 LED Troffer:- This is a rectangular shaped light which replaces 2x4 panels of the ceiling.

Based on wattage there are two types of LED troffer lights available

30W:- This is Troffer lights which replace conventional fixture of 90W.

50W:- This Troffer light replaces fluorescent fixture of 140W. 

LED Troffer lights are available in the color temperature of 4000 Kelvin and 5000 Kelvin. 


Energy efficiency: Research proves that, on average, LED is 50 percent more efficient than fluorescent tubes. Which surely cut down the overall expenditure on bills to half.

Long-lasting: The rated operational life of these Troffer lights is more than 50,000 hours which means that these lights will last for a decade even if used 12 hours of the day. Moreover, with premium Epistar LED chip & high-quality aluminum body, the efficiency of our LED troffers significantly increases.

High CRI: The color rendering index measures the accuracy of light with which it renders colors in comparison to an ideal light source such as daylight. The CRI of LED troffer lights is more than 80 which means that these troffer lights display colors which are 80% accurate in comparison with daylight.