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Collection: LED Modules And Sign Bars

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About LED Modules And Sign Bars

Our Exclusive Range ofModules and Sign Bars – Lighting Solutions Designed for Brilliance and Performance. LED Modules for Signs are the best, with multiple properties and the most efficient outdoor lighting appliance. LED window lighting has been chosen foroutdoor and indoor applications in advertisement,commercial lighting, and channel lettering. Storefront window Module Lights  are not only for outdoor use but also for indoor use, offering multiple solutions to its users. The impeccable design ofLED Sign Lighting elevates the sole purpose of modern lighting in your space.

Check out Different Types Of Modules And PCB Light Bars

The High-EfficiencyLED Sign Modules are crafted to render high output for excellent color tone without leaving any dark spots. LED Modules are designed based on different wattages in Packs 40 and 45, which range from 0.65W to 2.5W. Available in Red, Green, and White colors.

Advantages Of LED Modules

LED sign light bars are an appliance with multiple features that benefit users. Various features of the LED Modules are listed below:-

  • It supports lighting the advertising signage and channel lettering on boards.
  • Strip lighting in cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and other narrow spaces that need better lighting.
  • Achieve the customized experience of your beautiful lighting experience.   
  • Suitable for reading and studying late evenings and nights.
  • The use of creative energy enhances your mood lighting as well.
  • LED module lighting helps enhance the bathroom lighting as well. 

Features Of LED Modules And PCB Light Bars

LED Module Lights are devised efficiently for lighting applications. Their features can be broadly understood as follows:-

  • Energy-Efficient =  The energy-efficient product uses very little energy, as the LED converts 95% of electrical energy into light energy.
  • High CCT = The Co-related color temperature helps to signify the proper colors with 90% accuracy to the ideal daylight. 
  • Integrated Premium LED Chips = The Premium chips help to render high-quality light with better illumination and less electricity consumption. 
  • Helpful for Channel Lettering and Highlighting Signage = Storefront Window LED Module Lights are effective for advertising and communication through signage.  
  • DIY Product for Creators =  The product lets you decide the way you want your lighting experience by do-it-yourself ideas.  
  • Fills light in narrow spaces =  Strip lights can be easily cut and used in narrow spaces to light cabinet spaces, cupboards, and other places effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are LED Modules suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Ans. Yes, LED Modules are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

2. What colors are available for LED Modules?

Ans.  LED Modules come in Red, Green, and White colors to suit different lighting needs.

3. Can LED Modules be customized for specific lighting requirements?

Ans.  LED Modules offer a customizable lighting experience to meet individual preferences.

4. Do LED Modules help improve bathroom lighting?

Ans. Yes, LED Modules enhance bathroom lighting with their efficient and bright illumination.

5. Are LED Modules energy-efficient?

Ans. LED Modules convert a high percentage of electrical energy into light, making them highly efficient.

6. Can LED Modules be used for signage and channel lettering?

Ans. Yes, LED Modules are effective for illuminating signage and channel lettering, providing clear and vibrant lighting solutions.