T8 8ft, 60 Watt V Shape LED Integrated Tube 6500K Clear, 210W Equivalent, 7200 Lumens, 100-277V, Plug and Play, Commercial LED Lighting

T8 8ft, 60 Watt V Shape LED Integrated Tube 6500K Clear, 210W Equivalent, 7200 Lumens, 100-277V, Plug and Play, Commercial LED Lighting

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T8 8ft, 60 Watt V Shape LED Integrated Tube 6500K Clear, 210W Equivalent, 7200 Lumens, 100-277V, Plug and Play, Commercial LED Lighting
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CAD 54.29
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CAD 54.29

T8 8ft, 60 Watt LED Tube Lights, 7200 Lumens, 6500 Kelvin, 180° Beam Angle, V Shape Integrated Clear - LED Shop Lights

These 60W T8 LED integrated Tube fixtures to come with a two-row clear finish with a CCT of 6500K. These light fixtures are designed to withstand and function in a voltage range of 100-277V. With a lumen output of 7200 Lumens, these tubes can easily replace 210W fluorescents. Comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and a manufacturer warranty of 5-years. A complete lighting fixture in itself these LED integrated tubes are practical, durable, and eco-friendly.

Watt Replacement
Degree Beam Angle

Features of T8 8ft, 60 Watt LED Tube Lights, 7200 Lumens, 6500 Kelvin

  • Available Wattage: 60W
  • Lumens: 7200 Lumens
  • Voltage: AC100-277V
  • Color Rendering Index(CRI): >80 CRI
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • IP Rating: IP20 Rated
  • Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Easy Installation

The linkable integrated fixture T8 8ft LED Integrated tube can be linked directly using a linkable connector. You will get two white cables during installation for L or N and a yellow cable for the ground; you can use these wires also for connecting integrated tubes. By placing the clip kits and screws correctly, you can mount this fixture after aligning the tube to the ceiling or wall. Once after getting done with the tube's fixing part, you can connect the power cord to the tube. Power Cord sold separately.

Easy to Plug and Play

Like a fluorescent tube, this T8 8ft integrated tube doesn't require any ballast. The fluorescent tubes need the ballast to be removed, as it consumes lots of effort and time. Installing a new 8ft integrated tube is extremely easy if you compare it with retrofitting the fluorescent tube. Be relaxed with the T8 8ft integrated tube because all you have to do now is to lose the tube in its place and replace the starter.
The 8ft integrated tube offered by us is entirely flicker-free, as it operates without any starter, and this is why it is known to be a time-saving lighting product. You can blindly rely on it as your regular activity will not get disrupted at any cost.

Voltage Input

This T8 8ft LED integrated tube requires an input voltage of AC 100-277. This voltage range helps you wire the fixture directly without making any adjustments. The LED driver inside the tube will switch according to the incoming voltage for providing the current supply.

Low Maintenance Cost

This is a long-lasting fixture that lasts for 50,000 hours and with a very slight declination of Lumen till the end of its life, So there is very minimal or could say that almost negligible maintenance cost is required.

CRI >80

Colors pop, textures stand out, and its finishing has depth and luster when the CRI is high. Led Integrated Tube, with a CRI of 80+, which means that when you place a yellow-colored object under this light, it appears to be yellow. High CRI  enables them to display the true colors of any object and space to 80% of its extent, making it suitable for different applications.

Wide Beam Angle

A width of a light produced from the luminaire is beam angle. The integrated tube fixtures have a wide beam angle of 180 degrees that scatter light on the broader area for general area lighting and lighting up the vast areas. It is perfect to be installed in a space where there is low ceiling indoor space.

Energy Saving

It's not just the technology that gets people excited; it's also how much energy the product uses. You can easily save more than 75% energy by installing LED Integrated tubes if compared to the fluorescent tube, so hurry up and install this energy-efficient integrated fixture.

Aluminum Heat Sink

With an aluminum heat sink, these lights are built to resist heat while producing optimal lighting. Aluminum being a conductor, can efficiently and effectively dissipate heat in comparison to other materials.

Premium LED Chips

We never sacrifice quality, which is why we go to great lengths to make our products more dependable. The use of Epistar LED chips in LED integrated tubes improves the effectiveness of this LED fixture.

Operating Temperature

These LED Integrated Tubes can operate in temperatures ranging between -4°F to 104°F which is -20°C to 40°C. This LED fixture performs outstandingly in these temperatures.

IP20 Rated

With an IP20 rating, our LED integrated tubes prevent dust and humidity from affecting the product’s performance. Therefore, it is ideal for placing in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc., from a performance standpoint. Thus, making it an excellent choice for indoor lighting, these integrated tubes will serve you well in every possible aspect for a long time.

Green, Eco-Friendly

>50,000 Life Hours

It is a build-up to last for more than 50,000 hours.


Base Type: Integrated
Brand: LEDMyplace
Color Rendering Index(CRI): >80 CRI
Damp Location: Damp Location
DLC Listed: No
IP Rating: IP40 Rated
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): IT016
Power Factor: >0.90
SKU: WEN-8FT-INT-60W-6500K-C
Warranty: 5 Years
Beam Angle: 180 Degree Beam Angle
Certifications: ETL Listed
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 6500 Kelvin
Dimensions (L x W x H): 96
Housing: Aluminum
LED Type: 2835
Lumens: 7200 Lumens
Operating Temprature: -4° F TO +104° F
Replaces: 210 Watt Replacement
Voltage: 100-277 Volt
Wattage: 60 Watt

Product Review

Questions & Answers

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  • Do these come with jumper cables so you can install at different angles not just a straight line?

    Each tube comes with the mounting clips set, a 13in pigtail for hard-wiring, and a 1ft connecting cable for daisy-chaining if desired. We also offer 3ft, 6ft, and 10ft connectng cables as well as a 6ft Power Cord for these 60W tubes.

  • Can these be used with a dimmer?

    No, they are not dimmable

  • Can these be used in food processing plants? Are they washable?

    No they are not rated for processing plants. They are not washable.

  • I need lights that do not require the light fixture, can I afix these to my ceiling on their own and run them without an additional fixture

    Yes, these tubes are actually only mean to be installed to any flat surface.

  • if I don't have any fixtures can I just mount them directly to the ceiling?

    Yes, as that's the only way they can be mounted. You will need to wire it into the power source. They come with brackets to hold in place as well.

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