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Collection: T8 LED Tube Lights

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About T8 LED Tube Lights

Shop for the perfect T8 LED Tube Lights that will illuminate your indoor spaces while saving on energy bills. LEDMyPlace offers top-quality LED tubes for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, shops, and other indoor areas. These T8 LED lamps come with an integrated ballast bypass, compatibility, and hybrid options, allowing you to choose the best fit.

Available in 2 feet, 4 feet, 8 feet, white, and frosted varieties, T8 LED Tube Light Fixtures are a safe, energy-efficient choice for various environments like shops, offices, storage areas, fabrication floors, and mechanic garages. No need to replace your entire fixture, as we provide ballast-compatible, non-ballast, and hybrid T8 LED Tubes in different sizes and wattages. T8 LED Tubes are an efficient replacement for fluorescent lights in parabolic and indirect fixtures, performing best in climate-controlled areas with standard ceiling heights. 

T8 LED Tubes

Understand The LED and Fluorescent Technologies?

 There's been a lot of progress since the advent of lighting technology, just like any other sector. In a series of research and development achievements, LEDs are the latest and the most advanced form of lighting fixtures available today. These represent the fourth generation of lighting technology, replacing fluorescent Tubes in their series. To understand which of the two technologies (LED or Fluorescent) is better, you will first have to know how they work.

Why Are Our T8 LED Tubes Better?

  • Certifications = All products are certified under standard regulations including ETL, DLC, RoHS, and UL. This ensures that our lights meet high safety and environmental standards.
  • Warranty = In every product, we provide Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Energy Efficiency =  LEDs, unlike any other technology on the market, are energy efficient. They're converting up to 95% of electrical inputs into visible light. Therefore, in the form of heat, LEDs lose only 5-10% of the input energy. Thus, up to 75 % savings in the cost of electricity are allowed. The efficiency also means that a lower watt LED Light can replace a much higher watt fluorescent light.
  • High CRI = The color rendering index is a measure of how accurate the colors are in comparison with daylight. A low CRI light would render inaccurate colors that appear far from what they would look like under broad sunlight. 
  • Long-lasting = LED lights have no moving parts; they do not radiate excessive heat and do not have any fragile components. Thus, they provide a longer lifespan. These lights go through a rigorous testing period of 50,000 hours, so they offer a lifespan of the same duration, Having the capacity to function 24 hours for 5.7 years (approx), LED fixtures can operate up to 11.4 years if used 12 hours a day. 
  • CCT = CCT or 'correlated color temperature' determines the hue of the white light from LEDs. The CCT measures in Kelvin.
  • Unique Availability = These LED tubes are available in both ballast compatible and ballast bypass. 

T8 LED Tubes

Consider LED Tube On The Lengths-

4 Foot LED Tubes:-

  • Suitable for medium-sized rooms needing high light output in a compact area.
  • Available wattages: 18 watts (replaces 40-watt fluorescent), 20 watts (replaces 50-watt fluorescent), 22 watts (replaces 60-watt fluorescent).

8 Foot LED Tubes:-

  • Best for large halls and big rooms.
  • Available wattages: 40 watts (replaces 100-watt fluorescent), 48 watts (replaces 120-watt fluorescent).

LED Tube Diameters and Ballast Compatibility

  • T5 = Diameter of ⅝ inches, the thinnest model.
  • T8 = Diameter of 1 inch, slightly thicker.
  • T12 = Diameter of 1.5 inches, the thickest model.

Ballast Compatibility:- When upgrading from fluorescent to LED tubes, changing the entire fixture isn't always necessary. Ballasts regulate the high voltage needed to start the tube and maintain constant voltage for operation.

There Are 3 types of LED Tubes Based On Ballast Compatibility. These Are:-

  • Type A:-This type of tube light is compatible with the ballast and will function properly in your fluorescent tube's old fixture.
Type A
  • Type B:-This type of LED Tube light is not compatible with ballast and will either require the removal of the ballast from the wiring or will need a new fixture to operate.
Type B
  • Type A+B: This type of hybrid tube can work with or without ballast and is universal when it comes to ballast compatibility. 
works with ballast


works without ballast

Tubes Differentiated By Base

LEDs are categorized into three different types, depending on the available base. Those are:-

  • Single pin (FA8) = As the name suggests, the ends of this type of tube light have a single pin on both ends, which connect with the fixture into the live and neutral wire.
  • Double pin (R17) = This type of LED light has two pins on both ends that connect with the fixture's live and neutral end.
  • Single-ended = This type of tube fixture has two pins but only on one end of the tube. The other end of the tube is only for support in such tubes.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are T8 LED Tube compatible with existing fluorescent fixtures?

Ans. Often, T8 LED Tube are compatible with existing fluorescent fixtures. However, it's important to verify the specifications and compatibility with the current ballasts. Some LED tubes may need the ballast to be removed or bypassed for proper operation.

2. Do T8 LED Tube produce heat like traditional fluorescent tubes?
Ans. T8 LED Tube generate significantly less heat than traditional fluorescent tubes, making them more energy-efficient and reducing the risk of overheating in tight spaces.

3. Do you need a ballast for T8 LED Tubes?
Ans. T8 LED Tubes come in two types:

  • Direct Replacement (Plug-and-Play) = These LEDs work with your existing ballast.
  • Ballast-Bypass (Direct-Wire) = These LEDs require the ballast to be removed or bypassed.

4. Can T8 LED Tube help save on electricity costs?
Ans. Yes, T8 LED Tube are highly energy-efficient and can help reduce electricity costs compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. They use less power while providing equal or better light output.

5. Are T8 LED Tube flicker-free?
Ans. Yes, T8 LED Tube are designed to be flicker-free, offering stable and consistent light output. Unlike older lighting technologies, LEDs do not flicker noticeably, which reduces eye strain and potential health issues.