Collection: OUTER EDGE Style - LED Vanity Mirror

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Collection: OUTER EDGE Style - LED Vanity Mirror

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About OUTER EDGE Style - LED Vanity Mirror

LED Vanity Mirror adds quality to your bedroom or bathroom. These mirrors can be used at home or hotels, these mirrors change the entire presentation of the place. These mirrors are perfect to illuminate any place as well as to make that place look attractive. With all the latest features, these mirrors are jaw-dropping. LED Vanity Mirror gives a soothing ambiance and relaxed aura. These mirrors are highly attractive and are the best friend of fashion enthusiasts. These mirrors can show you the minor details of your makeup, dress, or hairstyle. LED Vanity Mirrors are ruling the market in a true sense.

Why Outer Edge Window Style LED Vanity Mirror?

This Outer Edge Window style LED Lighted Vanity Mirror is designed with a touch switch control that can help to change the CCT. This mirror is available in three different sizes: 24x36 Inches, 36x36 Inches, and 36x48 Inches. This mirror comes with a defogger that helps to clean the fog that gets collected on the mirror. This reduces the manual efforts of clearing the fog. These mirrors are ETL-certified (Electrical Testing Laboratories). ETL tests parts and components of a wide range of products to make sure that they are in line with established standards. This mirror has UL certifications that ensure its long lifespan. This beautiful bathroom comes with three color temperatures: 3000k, 4000k, 4200k, and 6000k. The gorgeous mirror comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and is highly durable. This mirror is designed to work in a voltage range of 110V. This LED Bathroom mirror has high CRI. The high-definition glass gives a better image and is clearer than others. With premium-quality coating, this mirror surface lasts for a longer lifespan.