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Collection: Outdoor Wall Lighting

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About Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoors of your homes is the first impression creator. The first impression plays a key role in the formation of opinions people make of your business. When it comes to lighting outdoors, multiple purposes can also be served. The right lighting can leave the desired impact on people. Good lighting presents a confident version of you.

Beyond the impression it creates, you can also rely on these lights about the security and safety of visitors. Whether commercial or residential, one can trust on these lights. Proper lighting target of thieves. 

Outdoor lights are available in many shapes and sizes to describe your own design statement. From up and downlights to wall sconces, there are beautiful schemes available for your home or business building outdoor walls.  

Whether you are a new homeowner or a decision-maker at some business, you need these lights. You can revamp your outdoors(switch to new outdoor lights). As a new building owner, you can choose LED outdoor lights for your outdoors. 

There are three outdoor lighting fixture categories;

  • Outdoor Wall Mounted Lights
  • Exterior Wall Sconce
  • Outdoor Wall light fixtures

Types Of LED Outdoor Wall Lights 

LED Up & Down Light- LED Up and Downlights are lights that project illumination in the upward and downward direction. There are three versions of these lights- 

  1. LED Up & Down Light Half Cylinder, 10W, AC100- 277V, Double Side- Half-cylindrical in shape, they have lumen efficacy of 90 lumens/watt.  
  2. LED Up & Down Light Square, 12W, AC100- 277V, Double Side 12-watt lights with a lumen efficacy of 90 lumens/watt. 
  1. LED Up & Down Light Cylinder, 2x36W, AC100- 277V, Double Side (Red, Green, Blue)- 72 watts fixtures with lumen efficacy of 90 LM/W

LED Wall-Sconces- These fixtures are mounted on walls, and the sconce is easy to install on any electrical box. Mounting hardware, screws, wire nuts, and installation instructions are included. There are four versions of these lighting fixtures-

18" LED Mission Style Wall Sconce- This 18” high LED mission style wall sconce renders illumination of 1000 lumens.

24" LED Mission Style Wall Sconce- 24” in size, these lights are 23 watts fixtures render 1200 lumens of brightness.

12" LED Mission Style Wall Sconce12” in size, these fixtures consume 15 watts of power and render 800 lumens of brightness

LED Mission Style Wall Sconce- These 30" lighting fixtures consume 28 watts and render an illumination of 1500 lumens