Collection: Lunar Style - LED Vanity Mirror

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Collection: Lunar Style - LED Vanity Mirror

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About Lunar Style - LED Vanity Mirror

How would you feel if you got a mirror that is a perfect example of beauty with the brain? Yes, I am talking about the LED Vanity Mirror which is a perfect example of such a mirror. These mirrors are the intelligent mirrors that are taking over the world. People are mesmerized with the advanced features of the LED Vanity Mirror that can not only be used as a mirror but as a decorative piece. This mirror can be an eye-pleasing product for the place. These mirrors are a combination of LED Lights and mirrors and add charm to the place.

Why Lunar Style LED Vanity Mirror?

This Lunar style Oval LED Lighted Mirror is designed with a touch switch control that can help to change the CCT. This mirror comes with a defogger that helps to clean the fog that gets collected on the mirror. This reduces the manual efforts of clearing the fog. These mirrors are ETL-certified (Electrical Testing Laboratories). ETL tests parts and components of a wide range of products to make sure that they are in line with established standards. This mirror has UL certifications that ensure its long lifespan. This beautiful bathroom comes with three color temperatures: 3000k, 4000k, and 6000k. The gorgeous oval mirror is IP44 certified and comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This mirror is designed to work in a voltage range of 100V-120V. This LED Bathroom mirror has high CRI. The high-definition glass gives a better image and is clearer than others. With premium-quality coating, this mirror surface lasts for a longer lifespan.