Collection: Benign Style - LED Vanity Mirror

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Collection: Benign Style - LED Vanity Mirror

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About Benign Style - LED Vanity Mirror

LED Vanity Mirrors can change the entire appearance of your bedroom or bathroom. This mirror can easily blend with the existing décor and will transform the beauty of your place. These mirrors can be a statement piece of decoration for an area. These mirrors are highly durable and are available in many designs. With all the latest designs and features, LED Vanity mirror is taking over the world. These mirrors give the magnificent reflection that can make you pay attention to the finest detail of your dress, makeup, or hairstyle. These mirrors are a perfect replacement for the traditional mirror with a longer lifespan.

Why Benign Style LED Vanity Mirror?

This Benign style LED Lighted Mirror is designed with a cabinet that can be used to keep essentials like medicines, shampoo, cream, etc. These LED Cabinet mirrors also come with a touch switch control that can help to change the CCT. These mirrors are ETL-certified (Electrical Testing Laboratories). ETL tests parts and components of a wide range of products to make sure that they are in line with established standards. This mirror has UL certifications that ensure its long lifespan. The gorgeous mirror is IP44 rated which ensures that all the electric wiring done in the mirror is safe to be used in the bathroom. These mirrors come with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are highly energy-efficient. This mirror is designed to work in a voltage range of 100V-120V. This LED Bathroom mirror has high CRI. The high-definition glass gives a better image and is clearer than others. With premium-quality coating, this mirror surface lasts for a longer lifespan. These mirrors serve three purposes: lighting purpose, cabinet purpose, and as a mirror.