LED Solar Batten Light Set ; 36W w/ 80W Solar Panel ; 6000K

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LED Solar Batten Light Set ; 36W w/ 80W Solar Panel ; 6000K

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LED Solar Batten Light Set ; 36W w/ 80W Solar Panel ; 6000K
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Solar Powered LED Batten Light Kit, 36W w/ 80W Solar Panel, 6000K, IP67 Rated, CRI >80, Solar Batten Light

Solar LED Lights are the best Lightings for sustainable development. These solar lights are of 36 Watt that gets operated on an AC input of 120-227 Volts. It delivers 4200 lumens with CCT of 6000K that are highly energy-efficient and are perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces. These LED Solar Lights are available in two mounts: Yoke mount and slip fitter mount. This long-lasting fixture meets the industry-standard IP67 rating and works for 50,000 operational hours. These Solar LED Lights are becoming the icing on the cake in the lighting world, transforming the future of LED Lightings.

Watt w/ 80 Watt

Features of LED Solar Batten Light Set - 36W w/ 80W Solar Panel - 6000K

Available Wattage: 36W & 80W
Color Temperature Available: 6000K
Luminous Flux Available: 4200
Lifespan - 50,000 hours
Voltage: 120V - 277V
CRI 80+
IP67 Rating - Suitable for Wet Locations
5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty


36W Box= measures 38x5x4.5x11lb. 80W Panel measures= 32x3x29x27.5lb

Easy Installation

LED Solar Lights are very easy to install. It does not require any wiring, and it can be placed anywhere in the solar panel where the solar wall pack fixtures can get enough solar energy. Just turn off the power and remove the existing lighting fixture. Now fix the LED Solar Lights and switch on the power. Now mount the fixture by creating two holes on the wall. The Instruction Manual is available inside the box, so follow it for more accurate details.  

LED Solar Batten Light

Strong Battery

Our LED solar light set has an inbuilt battery that's strong and made of lithium that helps to provide electrical energy for constant lighting for not less than 12 hours. 

LED Solar Batten Light

Efficient Control System

The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller charges much faster than PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) controller thus ensuring that the battery remains fully charged for as long as the lighting is needed. 

LED Solar Batten Light

IP67 Rated

Our LED solar light setsare 100% resistant against dust, sand or water (protection against water intrusion up to a meter). So, perfect for damp or wet locations. 

CRI >80

The CRI being 80 for all our solar lights means that the objects and spaces reflect their colors real and authentic up to 80% precision in comparison to an ideal or natural light source.

LED Solar Batten Light

Lithium Battery

With a lifetime of 1000 cycles, our solar lights equipped iwth lithium batteries serve you better than those lighting products having lead batteries. The reasons as to why a lithium battery is high on performance are many but known lesser. The lithium battery in comparison to any lead battery can withstand extreme temperature conditions (both high and low), can charge better, do not discharge quickly, has a longer service life and is environment-friendly.

LED Solar Batten Light

100% Energy Saving

 The energy savings through the LED solar lights are 100% since it’s the stored energy that is being utilized rather than the grid power supply. 

Environment Friendly

The light beam of traditional lights emits infrared or ultraviolet radiation that is very harmful and can cause sunburn or damage the immune system. These LED Solar Lights are entirely safe for use and are also mercury-free that ensures a healthy environment.. 

LED Solar Batten Light

Low Maintenance Cost

With any of our LED solar lights not lasting any less than 5-6 years, the only time you will need to make any kind of replacement is when your lithium battery has completed its 1000 cycles and the cost of which is nominal in comparison to the upfront costs of a completely new solar lighting set. Therefore, no replacement and no maintenance of the lighting fixture for many number of years. 
Further, there is no complex wiring that is required in LED solar lights unlike in traditional lighting fixtures so the failure of one solar lighting fixture won’t affect the other solar lighting fixtures. These LED solar lights also don’t require any repair becaue they are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. All of these lead to a very low maintenance and hence very low maintenance costs. 

Inbuilt Surge Protection

The LED solar lighting sets come with 12 KV surge protector so as to protect the fixtures from any lightning or thunder strikes during a bad weather condition. 

LED Solar Batten Light


Brand: LEDMyPlace
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 6000 Kelvin
Length: 38
MPN (Part No.): SL001
UPC: 719034337098
Weight: 11
CCT: 6000 Kelvin
Height: 5
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
SKU: WEN-X4200-12H
Wattage: 36 Watt w/ 80 Watt
Width: 5

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