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Collection: Kitchen Light Fixtures

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About Kitchen Light Fixtures

The kitchen is perhaps the most important area in the house, therefore, kitchen lights take center stage in a home’s lighting. You must feel good in order to cook well. But lighting up the kitchen is not an easy task. With a lot of factors to be considered, kitchen lighting becomes tricky as it is. 

There a lot of options available out there from very efficient to low-efficiency ones. Picking the right kitchen lighting can mean the difference between you having a huge or a small utility bill. So the decision of which kitchen lighting fixtures you need will take a lot of attention to details. 

Things such as kitchen pendant lightingunder cabinet lightingisland pendant lighting are all very confusing to the uninitiated. Therefore we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you pick the right LED kitchen lights

Kitchen Lighting based on application

Based on where it is used and what it is used for, there are three types of Kitchen lighting available. 

  • Ambient lighting: This is the general lighting inside the kitchen which is the first layer of lighting in the kitchen. It makes the first impression when you enter the kitchen it is also the first light which you turn on while entering the kitchen in order to get the full effect of the lighting.
  • Task lighting: This is the light that is used in the specific area where you perform specific kitchen tasks. This is also the light which instantly grabs the attention of whosoever enters the kitchen. This light adds the second layer to your kitchen lighting.
  • Accent lighting: As the name suggests, accent lighting accentuates and highlights the unique features of the kitchen. This light is the third layer of lighting in your kitchen and which adds both function and beauty to your kitchen. 

Types of LED kitchen lighting

Such an important place to light also has a lot of lighting options. With a vast multitude of lighting options available under kitchen lighting. 

  • Flush Mount fixtures: Flush and semi-flush mount fixtures cast light in all directions which means that two of these lights can be sufficient for the entire kitchen. These fixtures are available in a lot of styles and decorative types.
  • LED DownlightsLED Downlights are also known as can lights or pot lights. They are small lighting fixtures, which are recessed in the ceiling in a way that emits a downward light. These lights can be used in a lot of places, not just the kitchen such as bathrooms, hallways and the study, etc. 
  • LED Strip lights: Perfect for lighting up under cabinet and along the contours, LED strip lights are perfect for placing in areas where flexible strip light is required. These lights have a high CRI which means that these lights emit colors that are accurate in comparison to an ideal light source such as daylight.
  • Kitchen Pendant Lighting: These pendant lightings are p[erfect for any Kitchen whether big or small as these take less space. Pendant fixtures are the perfect lighting fixtures for Kitchen counter, dining room, etc.  
  • Under Cabinet Lighting: LED Under Cabinet Lights are the perfect solution to light up your task area in the kitchen as it presents a high lumen output while consuming less electricity. Under-cabinet lights also have a high CRI which means that the light renderes near-perfect colors.