Are Lighted Vanity Mirrors worth it?

Lightening our belongings is always the beautiful part, and if you are thinking about mirrors I'm sure you have heard about Lighted Vanity Mirrors. lighted mirrors in bathrooms are the most needed thing. One of the hottest bathroom accessories in recent times is illuminated mirrors, and for good reason. Lighted mirrors produce light from within the mirror itself, unlike a regular mirror that relies on an overhead light to give you a clear reflection of your face, we at LED My Place in Canada take care of our customer’s needs, demands and preferences. 

 As such, bathroom mirrors with lights can be regarded as a kind of two-in-one product. They're going to show you your reflection, and they're going to light you up at the same time. In addition, LED mirrors are sleek and beautiful as well. Yes, they're adding practicality. But their real appeal is their glamor and their ability to transform the mood of your interiors.

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Are Lighted Vanity Mirrors worth it? Find Your Fit in the Variety Of Ranges and Styles

We all think of adding varieties of variance and illuminance into our bathrooms and if it's coming along with the mirrors what could be better than that?  if you already think about switching from incandescent bulbs to LEDs and saving money on your energy bill: an LED mirror or lighted mirrors are a good option.

These vanity mirrors with lights are categorized into so many types to cater your preference with their different styles and qualities. 

Types of Lighted Mirrors You cannot take your eyes from:-

  1. Auspice LED Mirrors:- You'll find a magnification mirror to help you see better reflection in this Auspice style LED bathroom mirror. This mirror is designed with a defogger that helps to clean the fog that gets collected on the mirror. The manual effort to clear the fog will be reduced
  1. Accord LED Mirrors:- The Accord LED bathroom mirror is equipped with a touch switch which can help you to change the CCT. This mirror has a defogger which helps to clean the fog that collects on it. This makes manual clearing of the mist much more difficult.
  1. Magnum LED Mirrors:- This square-shaped Magnum-style LED Vanity Mirror is designed with a touch switch control that can help to change the CCT. The mirror is equipped with a defogger which helps to remove the fog that collects in it. The manual effort to clear the fog will be reduced. 
  1. Raven LED Mirrors:-The Raven LED Lighted Shelf Mirror is designed with a touch switch which can help change the CCT. The mirror is equipped with a fogger that helps to clear out the fog accumulated on it. The manual effort to clear the fog will be reduced. In order to ensure conformity with the standards, ETL tests parts and components of a broad range of products. There are three color temperatures in this beautiful bathroom: 3000, 4000 and 6000. 
  1. Raven Round: Sleek circular LED vanity mirror with adjustable brightness settings, perfect for precise makeup application and grooming routines.
  1. Lunar:Modern square LED vanity mirror featuring color temperature control and magnification options, ideal for achieving flawless makeup looks and skincare routines.
  1. Inner Edge: Rectangular LED vanity mirror with built-in Bluetooth speakers, offering multifunctional use for both makeup application and entertainment.
  1. Outer Edge:Elegant oval LED vanity mirror with touch-sensitive controls and 360-degree swivel, enhancing versatility and ease of use during beauty routines.
  1. Titan: Large rectangular LED vanity mirror with Hollywood-style bulbs, providing ample illumination and glamor for professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.
  1. Benign: Compact and portable LED vanity mirror with foldable design, suitable for travel and on-the-go touch-ups with its rechargeable battery.
  1. Hector: Tri-fold LED vanity mirror with adjustable side panels, offering customizable angles for comprehensive makeup application and skincare routines.
  1. Real Ex:Slim LED vanity mirror with a minimalist design and adjustable color temperature, catering to modern aesthetic preferences and lighting preferences.
  1. Evo:Innovative LED vanity mirror with voice control and app connectivity, offering futuristic features for personalized beauty experiences and smart home integration.
  1. Neu-U:Square LED vanity mirror with integrated UV sterilization, promoting hygiene and cleanliness for makeup tools and skincare products, ensuring a healthy beauty routine.
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4 Steps to Finding the Right LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

  1. Your needs matter;-Take a look at the purpose of the mirror. You're going to apply makeup or straighten your hair? You'll need something that would give you natural light, then. With limited space, do you have a smaller bathroom? You'll need a smaller LED mirror that can still give you the light, then. The type of LED lighted mirror you should buy will be determined by your specific needs.
  2. Choose your preferred style:- Look for mirrors that match your bathroom and see if backlight or front lighting is better for you. You've got a variety of styles to choose from, and the most important one is shape. For example, if you're looking for a backlit mirror, round LED mirrors are great if you don't have a lot of space in the bathroom. But the oval LED mirrors have a bigger impact, and they're really good vanity mirrors.
  3. Consider your budget:-Set a Budget Lighted mirrors can be an investment, but there are options suited to all budgets. Consider how much comfort you have in spending on a new bathroom light and factor that into the amount of money you'll be saving over time with your monthly bills.
  4. Find high-quality LED mirror:- Look for LED lighting that satisfies these requirements:-
  • Copperfree glass to protect against corrosion
  • Dimmable lights for more control 
  • An integrated heating pad for creating an anti-fog system
  • Hard wired for consistent and strong light.


Finally, placing illuminated mirrors over your fireplace is something else you might like to try, depending on the kind of hearth you have. For electric fires, which have an effect of their own, LED mirrors are particularly effective. They can also be used as modern foils for traditional fireplaces, but be sure to choose the right pattern and design. Lighted mirrors offer a wide range of possibilities to improve the look and function of your home wherever you choose to place them.